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Date: 30th July 2018
How to Build an Email List with Salesforce Users List

Research shows that the number of users utilizing the Salesforce CRM has crossed 5 million. It is also found that more 75% of the Fortune 100 organizations are using some or the other Salesforce application. So, isn’t it a great opportunity for the marketers and vendors whose forte focuses on the Salesforce CRM? Hence, to help these marketers get accurate contact details, B2B Scorpion provide an all-inclusive list of companies using Salesforce. We can also help you to connect with the top decision-makers from this sector by providing customized Salesforce CRM decision makers database. So, start planning qualified multichannel marketing and witness how your leads start growing.

Salesforce Users List

Our Salesforce Users List is known for its

  • Versatility and user-friendliness
  • Better customer satisfaction and lead generation
  • Ability to entice the customers’ interest
  • Generates best results when used with well-tested marketing plans

We Source our Salesforce Users List from:

B2B Scorpion accumulates tested data from the dependable sources. We double-verify the data through calls and emails. Also, we study the yearly reports of different companies to recognize the target market trends. Our data experts study the white papers, income tax filings, and stock market data to come up with quality contact details.

Why will the Salesforce Users List of B2B Scorpion be the right choice?

B2B Scorpion helps you exploit the opening that the Salesforce CRM gives to the marketers by furnishing the tailored and rewarding list of companies using Salesforce. We compile the Salesforce CRM decision makers database after thorough market research. Thus, it makes it easy to connect with such high-profile customers. Since Salesforce has contributed a lot to the IT and CRM industry, businesses can easily make a strong presence in the global market while using our Salesforce email list for business expansion. So, start planning ways to reach out to the global audience and we will provide you with the necessary data.

How are Salesforce Users List beneficial?

Salesforce Users List is a well build database, with consisting details of prospects from the salesforce industry. Thus, the benefits of such lists are that using this you can get into the crowds that are highly beneficial for business and can help you earn ROI and conversions. So, availing this, you can execute multichannel marketing services that will allow qualified leads for your business.

For further information, connect with us on +1 866-715-7733. Also, to know more about our extensive Salesforce Users List, mail us at info@b2bscorpion.com.

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